CHILL Project

Some of the Year 3 children at The Linden Academy were under the spotlight as reporting crews from both the BBC and ITV local news teams came to film them. The CHILL project is a new study funded by the NHS and run by a group of scientists and doctors in London, Luton, Cambridge, and Edinburgh.

The aim of the survey is to establish whether children’s’ health can be affected by reducing pollution and whether cleaner air can make children healthier. Pupils from TLA and schools all over Luton will have their height, weight and lung capacity measured annually, as well as having their level of activity monitored for a week. The results, along with information from their GP regarding visits of a respiratory nature will be collated and used to inform the study.

In addition to acting as champions for the school, the children also had the opportunity to meet the organisers of the study and the newly appointed Mayor of Luton. Children, parents and pupils at TLA embraced the opportunity to help with this worthwhile cause and look forward to finding out the results when they are published.