Luton Debating Champions!

The Chalk Hills Academy Year 10 debating team won the Luton Sixth Form Debating competition on Wednesday 4 July 2018, beating Ashcroft and Stopsley on the way. The team of Esli, Nishorgo and Rachel tackled topics on the dangers of artificial intelligence and the damage smartphones have done to a generation.

Wednesday was the end to a long competition that began in February, with the team preparing for the debate against Challney Girls’ School about the merits of Brexit. That was then followed by a very tight debate against Denbigh on the ethics of illegally downloading music. Victory was all the sweeter as Esli received the Simon Kitchener Award for the best individual in the whole competition and the best question asked in the final, as well as Nishorgo receiving the award for Most Intelligent Point of the final. The competition began with 11 of the Luton secondary schools, and to win in the academy’s first attempt is a fantastic achievement. A huge well done to the team, and we look forward to training a team of current Year 9s to defend the title!

CHILL Project

Some of the Year 3 children at The Linden Academy were under the spotlight as reporting crews from both the BBC and ITV local news teams came to film them. The CHILL project is a new study funded by the NHS and run by a group of scientists and doctors in London, Luton, Cambridge, and Edinburgh.

The aim of the survey is to establish whether children’s’ health can be affected by reducing pollution and whether cleaner air can make children healthier. Pupils from TLA and schools all over Luton will have their height, weight and lung capacity measured annually, as well as having their level of activity monitored for a week. The results, along with information from their GP regarding visits of a respiratory nature will be collated and used to inform the study.

In addition to acting as champions for the school, the children also had the opportunity to meet the organisers of the study and the newly appointed Mayor of Luton. Children, parents and pupils at TLA embraced the opportunity to help with this worthwhile cause and look forward to finding out the results when they are published.

The Chalk Hills Academy Gardening Club Wins Awards!

The Chalk Hills Academy student gardeners have been rewarded for their hard graft by the RHS. Over the past year they have shown how they can use tools safely, prepare soil, compost kitchen scraps, weed, tend and harvest vegetables and fruit. Produce from the garden has been used in many recipes baked, steamed and stewed by the Cookery Club. Many of us can vouch for the wonderful strawberry cakes and jam! The students were very excited to browse through the prizes of a gardening calendar, a copy of ‘How to Grow Practically Everything’ by the RHS and a seed bundle worth over £100. The club has plans to use this summer’s bumper crop of strawberries in a cookery demonstration to parents and also to visit a local care home to share their experiences and join residents for a strawberry tea.

Charity Event for Great Ormond Street Hospital

On the 31 May 2018, the cohesion champions raised money for Great Ormond Street Hospital by covering the 55 miles between Kempston Headquarters and Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. There were 15 cohesion champions present at Stockwood Park running track and they were supported by four officers from the Cohesion Team at Bedfordshire Police. The champions did 440 laps of the running rack to cover the 55 miles to Great Ormond Street Hospital and 55 miles back to the Police Headquarters.

Fantastic Fencing

Three talented representatives from The Linden Academy Fencing team challenged other schools as participants in the Paul Davis Fencing Academy Under 11’s tournament. Our team won the first bout and just missed out on the next 2. Through great team work and specialist skill, The Linden Academy Team came 6th in the overall competition.

Well done team, you did us proud!!!

The Royal Horticultural Society School Gardening Award

The hard work of Liz Harvey and the The Chalk hills Academy students in running the Gardening Club at lunchtime has been recognised by The Royal Horticultural Society.

All the digging, planting and subsequent vegetable tasting have been documented and submitted to the RHS School Gardening Awards. This week they received their first plaque, seeds and education pack and had a quick photo with them in the orchard. The students will continue their horticulture projects through the coming months and aim to achieve the Level 5 Award so that they can display the coveted gold RHS Garden Club plaques proudly!

We will keep you all up to date on their progress.

Cambridge Debate Competition

On the 20th of January 2018, students from The Stockwood Park Academy attended the Cambridge schools debate competition, where they were able to debate in the Cambridge Union. The competition was a completely new experience, giving the students the opportunity to take part in a completely new style of debate with feedback from accomplished debaters. While there, they learnt the structure of Standard British parliamentary debate, acting as a government along with teams from other schools.

Overall, the competition was an amazing experience that was not only educational and helped develop their skills in debating, but was also undoubtedly fun and allowed them to explore the famous Cambridge Union and engage in thoughtful debate subjects with other passionate students.

District Tag Rugby Tournament

The Vale Academy took part in a new sport this week, with the year 5 and 6 team playing in the district Tag Rugby tournament. Considering the school had never entered this competition and many of the children had never played the sport before, the children were brilliant! Their teamwork was evident to all, as they took on schools with players who played for local Rugby clubs throughout the area. We equipped ourselves adequately, not losing a game in the process. Learning the rules of a new sport, whilst in the midst of a serious competition is never easy, but the children listened and learnt quickly, becoming experts by the end of the competition. Our biggest highlight was our game against a local rival, with their whole side playing for local Rubgy teams. We were concerned that we would be thoroughly beaten, but the children put in a spirited performance to get a well-deserved draw. This competition shows us, once again, that the children at this school are highly driven, resilient and most of all, incredibly talented.

They made us proud!

Master Chef at The Chalk Hills Academy

The Hospitality and Catering students were filled with enthusiasm as they did their final catering assessment on Tuesday 16th January and Thursday 18th January.

Students gathered early to begin what seem to be a never ending day. It was with a sense of uncertainty as many of them did not feel they had enough skills to do well, however with their determination and hard work the assessment went smoothly.

All the dishes were ready to be served at 1:30pm as their guests arrived. The guests were greeted and seated in a Textiles room that was decorated to reflect that of a restaurant.

They worked assiduously to prepare some sumptuous dishes that the staff indulged in, echoing the students’ praises and expressing their satisfaction for the succulent flavours.

The students expressed their thanks as they were applauded by the staff for their outstanding effort.  Mrs. Lee, our Head teacher visited the Food’s room to personally thank the students for their effort.