Why us ?

Opportunities For All

The Shared Learning Trust is proud to appoint with integrity and attract only the best, highly qualified and dedicated teachers and support staff. We are committed to offering an excellent career path and opportunity to those seeking this environment.


Our annual conference brings together our teachers and leaders from across the Trust for a day of high quality training. The Teaching Trust (which runs as a Teaching School), offers custom-made school-to-school support packages that focus on; the quality of teaching and learning, curriculum development and many aspects of leadership and management using the expertise of specific staff. We have skilled staff that can offer subject-specific support in core subjects, focusing on curriculum planning & development, focused intervention and stretching the more able.


We are committed to high-quality training for all teachers and support staff. The Trust has its own tailor made benefits package, which offers a wide range of benefits for all staff who join our journey to providing the best education for every student. We also offer financial incentives for those wanting to take on additional responsibilities and recruitment and retention allowances for outstanding practitioners.


In addition, our Trust runs a number of licenced and bespoke training programmes to ensure that all staff have the opportunity to reflect and develop. Our staff collaborate strongly across our academies with regular opportunities to meet and share good ideas and good practice.


As a Trust, we recognise skills and pride ourselves on creating opportunities for our staff to progress and develop.


The Shared Learning Trust believes that the demand for professional learning should be driven by the aspiration staff have for the children they teach and the passion they bring to their work.


Our Trust is determined to bring about radical improvement in the quality of the ongoing training that teaching and support staff receive based on the evidence of what creates effective learning.


The Trust offers great bespoke training programmes, from courses for initial teacher training, to our outstanding teacher programme and stepping into leadership classes and workshops. We acknowledge without staff development no academy or staff member can really achieve their dreams and aspirations.