District Tag Rugby Tournament

The Vale Academy took part in a new sport this week, with the year 5 and 6 team playing in the district Tag Rugby tournament. Considering the school had never entered this competition and many of the children had never played the sport before, the children were brilliant! Their teamwork was evident to all, as they took on schools with players who played for local Rugby clubs throughout the area. We equipped ourselves adequately, not losing a game in the process. Learning the rules of a new sport, whilst in the midst of a serious competition is never easy, but the children listened and learnt quickly, becoming experts by the end of the competition. Our biggest highlight was our game against a local rival, with their whole side playing for local Rubgy teams. We were concerned that we would be thoroughly beaten, but the children put in a spirited performance to get a well-deserved draw. This competition shows us, once again, that the children at this school are highly driven, resilient and most of all, incredibly talented.

They made us proud!

Master Chef at The Chalk Hills Academy

The Hospitality and Catering students were filled with enthusiasm as they did their final catering assessment on Tuesday 16th January and Thursday 18th January.

Students gathered early to begin what seem to be a never ending day. It was with a sense of uncertainty as many of them did not feel they had enough skills to do well, however with their determination and hard work the assessment went smoothly.

All the dishes were ready to be served at 1:30pm as their guests arrived. The guests were greeted and seated in a Textiles room that was decorated to reflect that of a restaurant.

They worked assiduously to prepare some sumptuous dishes that the staff indulged in, echoing the students’ praises and expressing their satisfaction for the succulent flavours.

The students expressed their thanks as they were applauded by the staff for their outstanding effort.  Mrs. Lee, our Head teacher visited the Food’s room to personally thank the students for their effort.

Auditioning for Greatness!

Today, a number of our most talented drama students were visited by professional actress Ellie Fanyinka. She discussed her own career, gave students guidance on getting into the performance industry and even gave them an opportunity to try their hand at a professional audition process!

This event was the first in a series of guest we are welcoming at Chalk Hills this year including lawyers, scientists and artists in order to educate our students as to real-life opportunities and routes into desirable careers.

The students were unanimous in their praise for the event, particularly enjoying the practical and vocationally relevant audition. It was a close run however as to Ellie enjoyed herself even more than they did!